Daniel Sonenberg

is the composer of The Summer King: The Josh Gibson Story,
the chamber opera Girl in Six Beats, and numerous other works
of chamber, larger ensemble, and vocal music, as well as several
albums of original rock music.  He lives in Portland, Maine, and is Professor
of Music at the University of Southern Maine.
The Summer King opens at the Detroit Opera House
on May 12, with additional performances on May 16, 19 and 20. 

"The Summer King is a compelling theatrical experience and
a serious, thought-provoking addition to the repertory....
The score is quite strong. Sonenberg’s eclectic aural landscape
incorporates jazz, ragtime, swing, even extending to mariachi
in a scene where Gibson goes to Mexico to play for the
Veracruz Azules. Sonenberg’s vocal writing is demanding—
he favors extremes of the range—but almost always idiomatic
and gratifying."

                                                   - Opera News, July 2017


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