New photos!

photo by Wohler and co. 

Had a great time working again with my former-student turned superlative portrait photographer Will Wohler. It is great working with a photographer who is a musician - especially a percussionist like me. But for those of us who are not used to being photographed a whole bunch, it's great to have someone who can elicit a smile, and tell you to breathe when you're looking awkward, pent up, or pretentious (that's just a face for us composers when the camera comes out, and someone's got to be able to call it!) 

What was fun was working in my natural habitat. Will came to USM, where I teach, and we met in my office in Corthell Hall. We started there, and then wandered around to all kinds of great spaces - the concert hall, the little lounge area behind the concert hall that gets beautiful light and is surprisingly never occupied by anyone, a couple of stairwells (one of which previously served me as an echo chamber for an earlier project), and even outside the front doors, in front of Corthell's brick wall on a chilly February morning. 

Early this afternoon, shortly before the great blizzard of 2017 arrived, Will and I met up at Tandem Coffee in Portland and looked through the shots, honing in on three (you can see the other two in the images section of this website, each available in color and black and white). Will blogged about it here, and it prompted me to fire up this moribund venue, which I hope to be populating with a bit more content in the coming weeks.