Following are articles in both paper and virtual medial about The Summer King

 NEW a review of the world premiere performance of The Summer King in the Portland Press Herald

Predictions by music critics have a way of falling flat, but judging by the audience response on Thursday, “The Summer King,” sails trimmed and fully staged, could become an American classic.

- Christopher Hyde, The Portland Press Herald

An article by Heidi Waleson on the back page of the Wall Street Journal, about a performance of scenes from The Summer King outside Five Myle Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Mr. Sonenberg hears Gibson's story in the musical language of grand opera. In Act 1, Scene 1, the Elder Barber (sung by tenor Lynn Randolph), who remembers Gibson in his heyday, has a challenging vocal line, including a high C; he, his wife (soprano Lori-Kaye Miller) and the Younger Barber, a Jackie Robinson fan (baritone Kenneth Overton), sing a lyrically nostalgic trio. The scene's accompaniment is jazzy, and a popular song, "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?" comes over the radio for a moment, but this is no pop opera.

                      - Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

An article in the Kansas City Star 

Here's something to look forward to: An opera about Negro League Baseball. 

- Steve Paul, Kansas City Star

An article in the Portland Forecaster 

Sonenberg compares Gibson's life to the Biblical story of Moses, who led his people from slavery to "the promised land," but never entered it. The opera's title alludes to that near-miss.

"Josh was the king of summer, but he did not get to enjoy autumn," Sonenberg said. Such an epic, larger-than-life story is a fitting one for opera, he feels.

-William Hall, Portland Forecaster

A Terrific short radio piece featuring an interview with MPBN's Tom Porter

An article in the Portland Press Herald, announcing the award of an NEA grant for Daniel Sonenberg and the University of Southern Maine for The Summer King. 

Daniel Sonenberg came a little closer this week to his dream of staging an opera based on the life of Negro Leagues baseball legend Josh Gibson, after getting a $15,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

- Ray Routhier, Portland Press Herald

An article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram about Fort Worth Opera's inaugural Frontiers program, which featured excerpts of The Summer King

The Summer King, with music by Daniel Sonenberg and libretto by Sonenberg and Daniel Nester, made a strong impact.. 

- Olin Chism, Fort Worth Star Telegram

 A review by Portland Press Herald music critic Christopher Hyde of performances of duets and arias from The Summer King in April, 2012.

I found the arias quite moving, well written and strikingly individual.

                    - Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald.

A preview of a recent performance by Portland Press Herald culture editor Bob Keyes.

And a preview of the same performance by Portland Press Herald music critic Christopher Hyde.

Gibson's career fits the Greek definition of tragedy, Sonenberg believes, not only because he was a king in his own field, but also because the entry of the Negro League's best players to the major leagues after 1947 led to the demise of an entire cherished institution and all that went with it.

                    - Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald.

An interview about The Summer King with the baseball fan website Ump Bump (which resulted in my calling out the author for some snide comments after the article in the Wall Street Journal was published!)

A feature article in the Portland Phoenix previewing a 2007 performance of scenes from The Summer King and other Sonenberg originals at the University of Southern Maine.

Hear and see video and audio excerpts of the opera.